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Home Invasion Defense (HID®)

Go2FAS Personal Protection Training Home Invasion Defense Course simply saves lives.

Utilizing the globally recognized G.E.A.R. concept of Guard, Evade, Avoid and Resist our Home Invasion Defense training will give you the tools needed to train your clients, students, instructors and community members to keep them safe.

YES! it is scary and its time to start teaching real-world practical applications that apply to specific scenarios that occur every single day in this country.

Add this to your training curriculum, testing cycle in Krav or your adult martial arts testing cycle if you are a school owner. You will then see what truly happens when you bring the PPT Home Invasion Defense training too your community and clientele.

This course isn’t a program full of slides sitting at a table nor is it just karate techniques. It is physical and teaches each attendee about the planning stages, are rooms, exit strategies, unarmed and armed protection, routes to take in your home, how to get to your family and what to do.

This IS… No Games Training™ Certification Course

Are You Ready To Train Others With A REAL Plan?

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College Bound Readiness (CBR®)

Go2FAS College Bound Readiness course teaches women and men how to handle themselves on campus.

This course can be used to teach both high girls and boys, current college students, teachers, professors, and anti ne working within in a school system.

For this of you teaching in a Martial Arts school this is a MUST! Every high school child and their parents in your community should take this class.

If you want to GROW your community awareness and be the leading EXPERT in your community while attracting the media to what you do then you NEED to call us today!

The CBR course is trademarked and is a real game changer from planning routes, parking lots dorms, defensive tactics and so much more.

It is Simple… You Will Be Saving Lives!

This IS… No Games Training™ Certification Course

Are You Training Hundreds of Community Members?

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Active Shooter Response (ASR®)

The Go2FAS Active Shooter Response incorporates the well known G.E.A.R. and offers a plan of action at each level.

Each course attendee will learn too mange threat assessment, create a plan for a business, and learn the necessary tools too and defensive tactics at each phase of and active shooter event.

If you are range instructor to a martial arts school owner this curse will change your outlook on what you see on the news each week.

The threat is real and its everywhere… Are you ready and are you training others to be ready?

The ASR® course will teach you how to work with businesses and com until members to funnel NEW business to you and your location.

This course is about survival and knowing each step it takes to survive.

This IS… No Games Training™ Certification Course

Teach Local Businesses, Students and More!

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Every Day Carry Defense (EDCD®)

At Go2FAS our Every Day Carry Defense certification course is hands down the best in the industry.

You will learn the basics to advanced practical applications with handling your every day carry. From pen, to key, to knife to your firearm for those of you that carry. This isn’t a course on now too carry a firearm but rather tactical applications of things you normally carry every day.

if you teach at a safe or are running a karate school then this program will grab spectators off their seats and into your class room. The EDCD® course attracts both women and men, high school and college students, women’s groups and community members.

If you are seeking to GET a share of the market you have never picked up before then this certification course will be perfect for you and your business.

This isn’t the typical karate course or “how to use a tactical pen” type of course.

The EDCD® course will teach you how to train others to handle themselves in every day situations and to survive.

This IS… No Games Training™ Certification Course

Teach Your Community How to Survive !

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Abduction & Kidnapping Defense (AKD®)

Go2FAS Abduction and Kidnapping Defense is for both children and adults. Learn what needs to be done for various age groups and how to tech it.

This course challenging and teaches you the stages of an abduction and how to handle each of enthuse stages.

Whether you are an instructor or running a karate school in a community this certification course will get your business the local exposure needed as you will help mother fight back when needed most.

The trafficking, abductions to kidnapping that is being done on a daily basis you can and will give the needed tools to those who need it most, should it occur.

The AKD® certification course will truly change your life.

helping other not be a target or a victim.

This IS… No Games Training™ Certification Course

It Happens Every Day and YOU Can HELP Prevent It!

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Dry Fire Gun Defense (DFGD®)

The Go2FAS Dry Fire Gun Defense

You’ve seen item we’ve seen it and it is simply SCARY!

People teaching gun defense but have no clue on how to properly handle a firearm or utilize the language to professionally teach it.

In this course it is about giving you a skill set that aligns with one another. How to handle a firearm and draw forma holster (no real guns used in the course) and how to correctly defend oneself against a firearm.

The DFGD® is a compete pack and even if you have never fired a forearm before you will leave with Safety and Knowledge on the basics of shooting a firearm with our adaptive safety training firearms.

Learn the skill set to safely teach Gun Defense!

This IS… No Games Training™ Certification Course

Learn The RIGHT Way To Safely Introduce Firearms.

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Threat Assessment

The Go2FAS Threat Assessment Course

According to their website, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has “currently no specific standards for workplace violence”.

Depending on certain circumstances, OSHA may or may not place workplace violence among the “recognizable hazards” your business, Church, College, must strive to prevent or minimize.

This IS… No Games Training™ Certification Course

Learn The RIGHT Way To Assess Threats.

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Anti-Carjacking Vehicle Defense (ACVD®)

The Go2FAS Anti-Carjacking Vehicle Defense Course

This class teaches attendees to recognize threats utilizing the G.E.A.R. steps for a carjacking.

Go2FAS Personal Protection Training Anti-Carjacking Vehicle Defense Tactics Is Saving Lives.

Don’t Be A Victim!

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Urban Tactics & Defense (UTD®)

Go2FAS Personal Protection Training is TOP Notch In Our Urban Tactics & Defense Course.

This class teaches attendees to recognize threats utilizing the G.E.A.R. steps for a carjacking.

Our mission in the Urban Tactics & Defense Course is to have each attendee develop the G.E.A.R. concept while utilizing devastating combatives and defensive tactics.

This COURSE is quite different than most!

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Training For Instructors

Go2FAS Personal Protection Training Offers Six Certification Courses.

Do you teach Martial Arts, gun defense, self defense or range training? Are you an EXPERT in your community?

With our PPT training courses you can become the leading expert in your community, show your certificate and earn National Recognition on our Go2FAS.com website.

All SIX of the Personal Protection Training (PPT) courses are physically challenging and each Affiliate Instructor is hand selected by a board prior to attendance. We take our training No Games Training™ seriously and our Affiliate instructors join our Go2FAS family.

Our goal is to create Team Leaders through the Untied States and Internationally. Each of our Affiliate Instructors have a chance to become an District team Leader.

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