Dry Fire & Gun Defense (DGD®) Training Course

Dry Fire & Gun Defense.

Who Is The Dry Fire & Gun Defense (DGD®) Training Course For?

The Dry Fire & Gun Defense DGD® is a complete defense package that includes handling a firearm while utilizing our adaptive safety training firearms. The Train Hard and Stay Safe motto is instilled in each student as they safely hone their skills in drawing a firearm (training firearm) to gun defense. Each student will learn to deflect and disarm their attacker as to not become a victim. This course is designed for everyone from beginners to seasoned shooters. This course is a No Games® training course.

There are three levels in this course and each student goes through the progression stages at their own pace. This is a Perfect class for beginners to advanced and we offer a 2 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour and a 16 hour full course that permits you to qualify as an instructor with certification.

Go2 FAS Instructors Are Top Notch

Go2 FAS (Form A Strategy) utilizes top Instructors from Veterans, L/E, Active Military, and Defense Instructors. Our company’s uniqueness is in the instructional aspects and course curriculum. Our course material, effectiveness and planning is second to none. Our FAS course instructors own multiple defensive tactics, self-defense, combatives, Krav Maga, and edged weapons defense companies. Real-World Instructors serving our communities.

Instructors and Consultants:

  • Veterans
  • Active and retired Law Enforcement Officers
  • Prior SWAT Team members
  • Defense Instructors
  • Combat Medical Consultants (one of leading experts and pioneer)
  • Active, retired and prior Special Forces
  • Leading Threat Assessment Personnel

Dry Fire & Gun Defense (DGD®) Topics:

  • Go2FAS Form A Strategy
  • Safety DGD® Pre-Planning
  • Unarmed and Armed DGD®
  • DGD® Scenario Training
  • Defensive Tactics and Combatives
  • DGD® Mindset
  • Go2 FAS DGD® Instructor Qualification and Certification (Optional)
Dry Fire & Gun Defense.

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Testimonial and Review

Took my first DGD class in Atlanta at the Go2 FAS instructors course. Hands down one of the best classes I have ever taken. The reality based training is miles apart from anything else I have ever taken in the past. I am capable of staying safe and defending myself should it occur. Thank you Go2 FAS for all that you have done for me.


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