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  • The Growing Threat Series workshops doesn’t just teach you to “form a strategy” they teach you exactly what their FAS instructors state and that is, “Don’t be a target, don’t be a victim. Train hard and stay safe.” I highly recommend FAS.

  • The FAS Kidnapping & Abduction Response was a fantastic class and I feel so much safer now that I have attended this growing workshop series class. The FAS instructor was Tracy Thomas and he kept both the physical skill sets part of the course as well as the presentation side fun and simplistic. I like the saying “works for most of the people most of the time, not just for some of the people some of the time.” The highlight or aha moment for me was when I realized I can get away and survive from having my wrists duct taped or being tied to a chair. Both strategies and tactics taught were beyond anything I expected. It is an honor to write this review and thank you sir for all that you do with saving lives.

  • As an educational facility the College Bound Readiness is a perfect fit for student safety and awareness. Our goal was to give the youth of this world the tools needed to lower their levels of stress to enhance their educational experience. The Form A Strategy team delivered top notch training as highly energized instructors. I want to give a personal thank you in this review to Tracy Thomas at FAS for all that he has done for our facility. I can and always will recommend their growing threat series. I heard your workshops have now become a series of books. Congratulations on becoming an author, the series of books will positively change lives.

  • From not knowing how to defend myself to understanding how to plan and Form A Strategy with the FAS training G.E.AR. I have learned that I am my own first responder and training is a key element to survive. A big thank you to Tracy Thomas, Todd Droege and the FAS instructors.

  • I’m more than happy to write a review for the Form A Strategy courses. They call them the Growing Threat Series for a reason, the threats are out there, and they are real. I wanted to attend an active shooter defense course so a friend of mine told me to Google “Tracy Lee Thomas personal protection” and I did just that. I then went to and was intrigued by all of the courses that applied to my life and well-being of it. After taking the active shooter class, I enrolled my high school daughters as well as my wife and I, in the FAS College Bound Readiness course and from there I have attended 8 different growing threat series courses, 3 with my family. I cannot even begin to tell you how well these workshops are laid out. The organization, the structure and what we learned will never be forgotten. Attend any one of their workshops and you’ll have no regrets.

  • I highly recommend the FAS Keep Your Business Safe workshop that all our warehouse employees attended. We do feel there is a growing threat in our community and this workshop gave us the roadmap to keep our employees safe, form a strategy while developing a plan, train our teams, and help HR mitigate any liability. We are considered a small business, but we had 40 employees attend the training. Tracy Thomas and Daniel were top notch instructors. Thank you so much!

  • If you are thinking about learning how to protect yourself at home the Form A Strategy Growing Threat Series is a must attend type of course. I am forever grateful for all the knowledge and experience I learned at their Virginia location. I was stationed in Virginia Beach and a Krav Maga school was utilizing the FAS growing threat home invasion series. The threat assessment checklist alone was well worth it. The instructor was Mr. Tracy Thomas and he was obviously well versed in all of the practical concepts of surviving a home invasion. I will be attending the FAS Active Shooter in 3 months, and I am excited. Check them out.

  • I am so glad our business sent us to the Workplace Violence Response training with Form A Strategy. I had met the instructor, Tracy Thomas at a class he was teaching at REI in Virginia Beach in the years ago. When I saw his name on Eventbrite and that he was teaching classes on workplace violence, I decided to have him come to our company. My goal we to help our employees feel safe. Tracy’s goal was not just about safety, he empowered them to be confident, role played with them on key steps from deescalating a situation to evacuation routes and planning should a situation turn violent. Topics such as active shooter were covered that opened our eyes even more. Thank you for the knowledge.

  • I have attended multiple workshops under Form A Strategy while being deployed to Norfolk, Virginia on different occasions. They were taught at the Krav Maga school I attended as a special FAS workshops each testing cycle. The guest instructor was Tracy Thomas who was also a Krav Maga practitioner which made the courses even more exciting. All in all, I have attended 5 of their workshops and one was taught at the 5.11 Tactical store on Virginia Beach Blvd. Whether you think you may or may not need the training I can promise you that you will walk away with a higher level of confidence and ability to Form A Strategy should a situation occur.

  • Our business has been looking to give our employees the confidence in having a plan should an immediate threat or violent encounter occur at our business. We wanted to empower our team and offer them pre-planning should anything ever occur in the future. I found Tracy Thomas through his Krav Maga schools instructor and was introduced to their FAS active shooter growing threat series for business owners. The learning environment was absolutely amazing and months later we are still talking about the workshop. We have truly formed a strategy as Tracy taught us and clearly have all of our evacuation routes and avoidance measures in place.

  • Carjacking Response training? When my girlfriend told me, she was attending a one-day seminar with a FAS Instructor I was thinking why I would want that training. Well, I guess the universe was sending me a message. My neighbor was carjacked the very next day in broad daylight. The crime is getting ridiculous here. I decided to attend the growing threat series course and it was a true wow factor for both of us. I now feel confident in parking lots, getting in my car, in my car and getting out of the car. I may not be the baddest person in the valley, but I know I can and will survive should someone attempt to carjack me. I recommend everyone take this FAS class and the head instructor Tracy Thomas made it so much fun

  • I have been training in the firearms and defense industry for over 15 years. I recently attended a Gun & Knife Defense Response workshop with FAS under the instructor Tracy Lee Thomas. The class was well-paced and taught the concept of simplicity over complexity in a real-world scenario-based training environment. The course covered unarmed and armed defense strategies and tactics that helped each of us as FAS students to learn how to form a strategy and work through the various scenarios. This course is the real deal. The instructors are not just practitioners they are great instructors. The sign for me was when I spoke to many of the students and they have taken nearly all of the workshops. Repeat customers tell the story...

    Great job FAS and congrats on the new authored books Mr. Thomas.

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