Shots Fired In Dallas: 5 Police Officers Fatally Shot

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Shots Fired In Dallas

In what sounded like a war zone, 14 People Injured, 12 Of Them Police; in total Dallas Police loses five officers from sniper fire. Protestors were walking down Main Street in Dallas, (over the police shootings earlier this week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Minneapolis, Minnesota) when shots were heard being fired without warning. For more on the events that happened last night in Dallas, here is what occurred between the hours of 7PM and 7AM, from WFAA News 8:

7p: Crowd of protesters gather to demand change in the wake of two-officer involved shootings. The protest began at 7 p.m. at the Belo Garden Park off Main Street in downtown Dallas.

7:16p: The protest begins peacefully with people chanting “enough is enough.”

8p Nearby El Centro College placed on lockdown as precaution prior to protest.

8:11p An hour into the protest, things remain peaceful.

8:23p Police post video as a mass of people marches eastbound on Commerce Street through downtown. 

8:59p Just before 9 p.m., police report shots fired.

9:05p Video captures gunshots ringing out. Officers yell “active shooter” around area of San Jacinto and Griffin streets. 

9:35p Police warn people to stay away from downtown as they search for suspects. At least one officer reported down.

9:40p Two officers reported down. 

9:41p Police clear out the Bank of America building, the tallest skyscraper in Dallas.

10:23p DART police reports four officers shot, including one dead. The deceased officer was later identified as Ofc. Brent Thompson, 43. The update brought the total number of officers shot to six.

10:29p Chief David Brown reports 10 officers were shot by two snipers. He says three of those officers have died. 

10:44p Dallas police and ATF officers expand their perimeter as their search for the suspects continue. 

10:52p Dallas police release image of a person they call a suspect on their Twitter page. Chief David Brown also tweets about the man, calling him a person of interest, not a suspect. The man is later identified as Mark Hughes, whose brother recorded video declaring his brother’s innocence. He’s later released by police.

10:53p Authorities raise number of officers shot to 11. 

11:10p Shots fired in El Centro parking garage in downtown Dallas; SWAT team corners suspect

11:13p Dallas police announce fourth officer dies.

11:27p Police say that they’ve taken a female suspect into custody after a shootout at the El Centro College. Second suspect still at scene. 

11:36p Family identifies one of the wounded DART officers as Misty McBride. She suffered a non-fatal wound to the shoulder.

11:46p Police converge onto the Ann Arbor exit off I-35 near downtown Dallas.  

11:47p Police departments across the nation, including Houston and Seattle, report they’ve begun pairing up officers as a precaution. 

11:55p Police announce the large police presence on I-35 was in connection to a suspicious incident

12:16a Driver involved in I-35 incident says he picked his brother up from the downtown bus station and then was chased by Dallas police. He says the suspicious bag was his brother’s luggage. Both men are released to go home.

12:34a Dallas police say they’re continuing negotiations with suspect at parking garage.

12:37a Police put officers at nearby 7-Eleven, where there’s reports of thefts:

1:15a Students and staff still inside El Centro College as it remains in lockdown as standoff continues nearby. 

1:35a A police flash bang goes off at scene of standoff. 

1:47a Fifth officer reported dead.

2:05a Officers line up outside 7-Eleven to stop looting

2:09a Lockdown lifted at El Centro College.

3:05a Dallas police honor fallen officers at Dallas hospital.

3:06a Suspect confirmed dead after standoff with police in garage. Authorities haven’t revealed how the suspect died. 

6a hour Officials say 12 officers and 2 civilians were shot. Five officers were killed.

7a hour Dallas Police Chief says the suspect was killed in an explosion.

To view the entire article and videos not linked above from twitter and other sources you can view the WFAA News 8 updates here:

Here is what President Obama said addressing the violence in Dallas: (Start at 07:36)

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Shots Fired In Dallas