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Training Courses

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FAS is here to assist corporations, business owners and instructors in keeping safe while they scale their business. We offer a variety of courses that are well sought after from coast to coast.

FAS Instructors have been running many of these courses for over 20 years. Banks, Colleges and Universities, Casinos, Pet Stores, Tactical Companies, Martial Arts Academies, Krav Maga Schools, Small Businesses, and many more.

Situational Awareness Course

Situational awareness is not just about personal safety. By training in situational awareness you can keep your teams and employees safe. We can help you identify solutions, plans, essential for making on the spot decisions. Improve your incident response with G.E.A.R.

Workplace Violence And Conflict Resolution Response Strategies

Being able to resolve conflicts in an effective and safe manner is key for businesses in this day and age. We give businesses the tools they need to mitigate workplace violence and resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. 

Active Shooter Response Strategies

Do you have a plan to keep your employees and customers safe in the event of an active shooter. Unfortunately these incidents are happening more often and it is imperative that you have a plan. Don’t think it can’t happen to you! Our team will work with you to develop custom response plans for your business.

FAS Course Offering

Instructing others to Form A Strategy (FAS)

FAS Instructors have been trained thousands for over 30 years.

Businesses, Educational Facilities, Churches, Banks, Hotels, Casinos, Defense Instructors, NRA Instructors, Martial Art Schools, and more…

College Bound Readiness Training

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Home Invasion Response Training

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Carjacking Response Training

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Anti-Kidnapping And Abduction Training

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Active Shooter Response Training

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Situational Awareness Training

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Gun And
Knife Defense Training

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Conflict Resolution Training

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Range Training (RT)

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