Updates And Coming Soon From Go2FirearmSafety!

Just a quick email with regard to a few new systems we are utilizing. I am very excited about the upcoming launch of the following key components to Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc.

1. The New Go2FAS Shopping Cart:

We have two Go2FAS Shopping carts that have thousands of products. Go2FAS is a distributor with many companies and will bring the best product and service line to the consumer and our affiliates.

  • a) Go2FAS Tactical Cart: This cart will manage all knife and gun sales. We have everything from handguns, shotguns, rifles to fully customized services. Of course, this is a bit tricky with online marketing as the Google, Facebook and various online resources have strict policies. For this reason, I have requested our development team to keep these shopping carts separate.
  • b) Go2FAS.com Shopping Cart and Event Registration: This shopping cart will hold all event registrations and all merchandise, apparel and Go2 FAS kits and packages. Guns and knives cannot be sold or found on this sites shopping cart.

2. New Inventory Control System:

Our company is home based in Virginia Beach but we have recently relocated our inventory and warehouse to Atlanta, GA. Management of the following will occur from our team from this location. Training, redesign of the shopping cart etc. are being managed now.

  • a) Inventory and stocked items
  • b) Online orders
  • c) Affiliate orders
  • d) Event orders

Have questions on Orders? Please email Susan: Orders@Go2FirearmSafety.com

  • Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. has several partners and two of them have developed shopping carts exceeding 20,000 products under Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. So we are excited to bring you their experience and knowledge to the Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. team with a state of the art shopping cart and event registration.

3. Go2 Firearm Safety Training:

Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. offers two tiers of training, not just training. NO Games Training®.

  • a) Range Training Our range training isn’t just range training it is training for students to tiered instructors. Our team is comprised of prior military and defense experts that know how to produce the best training curriculum and deliver the training at the highest levels. I am proud to say we have connected and brought on board one of the best Instructors. Todd Droege is our International Director of training for range training. He brings a professional and very safe approach to training from both beginners to advanced. Whether training Civilians, Law Enforcement, or the Military Todd delivers a caliber above our competition.
  • b) PPT G.E.A.R. Training Personal Protection Training is key in today’s ever-changing world. We offer a wide variety of training in the following areas; When it comes to instruction, there is another gentleman I have connected with and brought on board which is a leading expert in threat assessment in the United States. Tom Westcott is this man…. a perfect fit as our International Director of PPT G.E.A.R. training. For those who have taken any of our PPT G.E.A.R. courses you fully understand he keeps our clientele on target. Home Invasion Active Shooter Defense College Bound Readiness Every Day Carry Hostage Scenario PPT G.E.A.R. Combatives Course (perfect for businesses teaching self-defense systems)

4. New Pricing Structure:

This world is changing… With every day brings a new and horrific event in the news. So many community members are seeking to get trained to protect themselves and their families. For this reason, we have changed our pricing structure by adding several more options.

The following has been created for those introducing this into their shooting range, business and or martial arts school.

We are doing this as the end of the year special. Our normal pricing is $1,500 per course. The new pricing as of 2018 will be going to $1,850 per course.

If you are interested in getting on board and joining one of the most elite training programs please reach out to us for this special offer at clientservices@go2firearmsafety.com and an agreement will be sent to you. Once accepted by our board, we will give you a call.

PPT G.E.A.R Affiliate

In closing, I am very excited to announce our connection with Angel Airlines for Veterans and Mercy Medical Angels. These two organizations are giving back to those whom have served and those in need of transportation for medical care.

I am also very proud to introduce John Billings a World War II Veteran who was flying bombing missions. Today, at 94 he is still flying missions and serving others. I am also very excited about our team of Instructors meeting John. As a decorated hero he has so much to share and it was a real honor for our team to have had the opportunity to interview with him. Please check out the news video HERE. We are looking forward to having him at one of our events in 2018!

Below is a photo of our companies president Tracy Lee Thomas, meeting John Billings has he flew in for yet another mission.

Tracy Lee Thomas & John Billings Handshake

Go2 Firearm Safety and PPT G.E.A.R. currently have a great deal going on with our awesome training staff to our amazing marketing and development team. Please keep an eye open for the upcoming training and NEW and Improved Locations from Georgia to Virginia Beach!

Coming in 2018 we will also have a few quick reads that you won’t want to miss out on. Tracy has authored several marketing books and his latest two books will be launching soon for everyone to enjoy.

College Bound Readiness

Get a grip on your business

I hope everyone is as excited about the holiday season and preparing for the new year as we are, it’s going to be a Great one!

Cheers, Shane T. Mitchell Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. | COO Go2FAS.com

p.s. We have something NEW and very special coming soon to our training department under PPT G.E.A.R. so keep an eye open for our emails.