WE WANT YOU For SOME REAL No Games Training!



On October 20th – 22nd, 2017

For SOME REAL No Games Training!

Register HERE for No Games Training at $1,500.00

Our Go2 FAS Team ✓ Navy SEALs ✓ Special Operations

Dr. Rick Hammesfahr MD- The Pioneer of TCCC. Check our Dr. H HERE! We are SO Proud to Have Him On Board

✓ S.W.A.T. Team Members ✓ Law Enforcement and Military VETS ✓ Expert Instructors who KNOW Firearms and HAVE Real World Experience ✓ US Law Shield ✓ Hands Down The BEST Training On The Planet! Where ELSE DOES Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. Teach? Colleges, For Corporations, Small Businesses, Martial Arts Schools, Indoor Shooting Ranges, Outdoor Shooting Ranges, for personal and professional such as Attorneys, Judges, S.W.A.T., Law Enforcement, Government Officials and so much more…. We Have Events Going On ALL The Time Throughout The Country!

At Go2 Firearm Safety… We are the REAL DEAL with NO GAMES TRAINING!

Our training is not a one-time event… It’s a ROBUST, Structured Curriculum with an increasingly advanced level of progression of skills in various weapons systems: Firearms Training Levels I – III ✓ Handgun ✓ Carbine ✓ Shotgun Don’t Miss Out On The Go2FAS Tactical Medical Training By A Navy SEAL. Tactical Solutions for ALL Situations (EDC, Active Shooter, College Bound Readiness, Home Invasion, etc.) Business training with documented curriculum… YOU can USE Day One When You Return Home.

October 20th – 22nd, 2017

Register HERE for No Games Training at $1,500.00 or $3,000.00 for those interested in becoming an affiliate and joining our TEAM.

WANT Too Speak With An EXPERT To Learn More? Please call Todd Droege 877-304-8328 to reserve your training position today!  

 Our Go2FAS Team looks forward to seeing YOU in Atlanta for an experience that will create a memory to last a LIFETIME!


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 No Games Training with Navy SEALs and a Team Of Professionals Date: October 20-22, 2017 Check-In Time: TBA Check-Out Time: TBA Hotel:  TBA Airport: Atlanta FAS Badge


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Our Team HAS Received Numerous Emails, Texts, and Messages on Facebook if we are connected to other Training you are all of the sudden seeing.

The Answer is SIMPLE…

If The Course Doesn’t Say Go2 Firearm Safety, Then It’s NOT! Our NO GAMES TRAINING System but It MAY LOOK Like It. We appreciate the comments you are sending. This ISN’T a GAME! This is a SAFE and REAL WORLD Training Environment. Our Team and its Consultants ARE REAL.

Our Go2 FAS Team

✓Navy SEALs ✓Special Operations ✓DR Rick Hammesfahr MD- The Pioneer of TCCC ✓S.W.A.T. Team Members ✓Law Enforcement and Military VETS

REGISTER HERE TODAY! WANT A FREE SHIRT & PANTS Get a FREE set of Tactical Pants and Shirt for training!


Meet Go2FAS Instructor… Red!

She CAN Shoot and she CAN Teach YOU To Shoot. You will see why she is so connected with everyone in this industry.