Home Invasion Response Training

Home Invasion Response Training

Home invasions are very real. You need to take control and arm yourself with the best available preventive measures. The data shows us that this alarming reality occurs hundreds of thousands of times a year.

According to a United States Department of Justice report, over 2,000,000 homes will experience a break-in or burglary this year in the United States. That is more than 4,500 burglaries per day. Home Invasions are also where 38% of assaults & 60% of rapes occur.

Locking your doors should be all you need to do to protect yourself and your family, right? But a set of bump keys is less than $15 online, and these will unlock 9 out of 10 doors in the United States without any difficulty. No traditional lock is bump proof, but insurance companies regularly deny claims because there is no proof of forced entry to prove a crime was committed.

People need to protect themselves and their families, and this is where you come in! At the end of this workshop, you will be able to teach this course to members of your community and help them stay safe!

Home Invasion Response Training Workshop

Our Home Invasion Response Training workshop is based on the workbook seen here on this page. Whether you are a community member, business, defense instructor, corporate entity, church, or an instructor looking at our affiliate program, or someone seeking to learn more about personal protection this workshop or book will be a perfect fit for you.

The Home Invasion Response Training book covers how to form a strategy that is part of the FAS Growing Threat Series training workshop books written by Tracy Lee Thomas, founder of our company.

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Home Invasion Response Training Program

Who Benefits from Scheduling a Training Workshop

  • Community Members
  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Anyone seeking to become a trained instructor

Who Can Attend The Workshop

  • Community Members
  • Employees
  • Church Congregations
  • Security Companies

Results of Attending The Workshop

  • After successful completion of the workshop, attendees will receive a FAS certificate.
  • You will be able to form a strategy for what to do during a home invasion
  • You will be able to hold workshops with other community members to teach them how to form a strategy against home invasions and protect themselves from these life-threatening situations.
Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas

Founder | FAS
Director Of Operations

Todd Droege

Todd Droege

Co-Founder | FAS
International Training Director

Greg Moody

Greg Moody

Business Consultant
Director Of Curriculum

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